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Holly is just as culpable as Jared in this affair; she betrayed the trust that Heidi put on her as a friend and close colleague. Have a great day, my friend. Why not say I didn't do it and force Heidi to admit it's a lie or show proof. Imagine defending someone who has sex with a married man behind her husband's back, likely splits up with him to keep cheating with that man, breaks up a marriage, and then calling the woman who's been cheated on for months the person who's ruining lives. Her Twitter following has gone up significantly. I have zero tolerance for cheating.

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If Heidi was completely fabricating everything, Holly would just need to hit up a lawyer and go after her for easy money. Someone potentially cheating doesn't mean it's ok to harass them. And there is a lot more evidence on the internet too, evidence showing how much of a scumbad Jared is. Or are we just enjoying our drama-filled witchhunt knowing we face no consequences if we're wrong? That is in no way a specific denial.

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