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bi sex blog
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But sexual identities are not prisons. Before anything else, educate yourself about bisexuality. This way I could still be sexually satisfied and happy, while also avoiding the struggle of coming out and dealing with prejudice. For example, when you see a same-sex couple holding hands in the street, consider that one or both people may be bisexual. Affirm and recognise their bisexuality.

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Nicole. Age: 23.
bi sex blog

What advice would you give to someone who thinks they might be bisexual and are unsure what to do?

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Aubrianna. Age: 32.
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20 Same-Sex Hookup Stories From Straight Guys

Try to challenge beliefs and assumptions in yourself and others that there are only straight people and gay people. Mostly heterosexuals MHs were found to have greater same sex attraction than heterosexuals, but less than those who identified as bisexual. Which identity you prefer depends, in part, on what your sexual attractions mean to you. It is absolutely fine to be bisexual and unable to say whether you prefer one sex or another. Bisexual identity includes people with almost any degree of attraction to more than one gender. Neil Wellbeing health , sex.

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