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Given the obnoxious nature of the conversation they were having, Steve figured it was likely that Alexis was tipsy, which he believed could afford him the opportunity of a conversation. I slowly leaned to one side, attempting to let out a small fart. Awhile later, he heard Alexis and her mother walk in, rather quietly. As I heard Steve approaching, I saw my father carrying something upstairs. Well I guess that confirms it, if I even had any hesitation before.

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Quinn. Age: 32.
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Steve retreated to the guest room where he lay in bed replaying the long day in his head before falling asleep.

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Kenley. Age: 24.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He knew that Alexis would sleep in and when he thought he heard her coming down the stairs, he walked into the kitchen to attempt a conversation. Then, I realized what this meant. Memories flashed through her head of all the times she was independent, hanging out with all of her friends, catching the eyes of all the boys in every room. The ride to the store was a quiet one, the silence encouraging me to chug the coffee she had given me. To make matters worse, the relief she desired had not been mitigated from her not so discrete attempt.

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