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But what you did that morning plagued your mind throughout the entire day. Just as the smack rang out you cringed, watching her attempt to sexily bite her lip, in attempt to…you guessed, seduce them? You felt an uneasy curl in your stomach at the idea but said nothing more as you felt three pairs of evaluating eyes on you. And maybe he had, rather than the last time you had seen him- nearly naked. Looking over your shoulder you smiled, it was both shy and teasing at the same time as you dropped down to a slut drop slowly. Remembering the thick, large bulge you had grinded against. Hell, even being here to just spectate made you nervous.

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Cara. Age: 29.
hot strip tease tumblr

Shockingly enough the job comes with a little more than just grinding my dick.

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Wendy. Age: 30.
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You were laid back on the bed, spine curved up and with a clenched jaw as the skin slapped against skin, he was so close to your g-spot it was edging you to near tears as you let out another whimper. You felt shame cover your very being as you shot up from bed, wet arousal sliding down your thighs much to your embarrassment as you quickly got dressed. You felt an indignant pang through your chest as you swatted her hand away. Letting your head collapse against the counter top as you sighed. A lot of days, days like these you felt the strongest urge to sit down and genuinely wonder if it was all really worth it.

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