Hairy chest attractive

hairy chest attractive
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What your pooch's favorite sleeping position says about their state of mind - from spreading their legs to curling up like a donut A trip down memory lane! And no woman in her right mind can find the latter sexually alluring. He resented what he referred to as my attempts to 'feminise' him. We, as a result, became totally unstuck. I actually feel sorry for men who don't have chest hair. The last heyday of hair for men was the Seventies, when Bodie and Doyle of The Professionals strutted across the television screen like bears in brogues and men wore their shirts slashed to the waist.

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Ava. Age: 29.
hairy chest attractive

This development has been hailed as the revival of the sort of 'macho' man who doesn't belong to a club, but has a club that belongs to him.

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Arden. Age: 22.
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What's more attractive - hairy chests or polished pecs?

So please, Mr Jackman, Mr Owen and all you other less renowned hairy-chested males, don't take your kit off until you've taken your hair off. I once had a boyfriend whose chest hair stuck up like cocktail sticks. Observing the torso of my hirsute former boyfriend, I was never quite sure what was hiding in all that undergrowth. He moans about this, and, in his most private moments, he talks about buying tweezers to pluck it. But do women really welcome the return of the human rugs? No, I have decided I want a man who watches Top Gear, growls when he is angry and insists on watching Match Of The Day in absolute silence, as if he is praying to his god.

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