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Perhaps because reproduction does not seem to be a motivation for them to become romantically involved or perhaps because finding a proper partner among their own kind is not always an easy task, more than one Transformer at one point in their life made nice with an organic lifeform. Paddles had a clear fondness for the humans Randall and Ed , and Magnificus and Ga'mede might have something going between them, but that's about it. Some wonder why a species that likely does not reproduce sexually would participate in behavior that in other creatures exists as a means to promote sex and thereby new life. If you really want to know more on the matter of Transformer sex, an exciting world of fan fiction awaits you. The hints are few and far between, but Transformers is not devoid of the possibility Transformers might engage in sexual activities for recreational purposes, usually. These become more frequent as the gender balance becomes less even, even if that is a direct result of Transformers allegedly being genderless. The Japanese version of Beast Wars had Airazor as a male, making his relation with Tigatron the first known instance of a homosexual Transformer couple.

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transformers prime sex

Existing as a fan term mostly, it has been used in two official sources, the end-of-game bio for Airazor , in reference to her and Tigatron , in the Nintendo 64 version of the " Beast Wars Transmetals " video game [1] and again in Venus.

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And yes, there is the fact that IDW has previously established that Transformers are genderless in their continuity, but let's not kid ourselves about what we're seeing here. Time to get my sexy on with the green. See also: Sexual Reproduction. Nothing that can't be helped! Scarlett and Bumblebee had a suggestive conversation about "riding" him in " Wolves ", and in " The Art of War issue 3 ", Arcee promised Bumblebee to "rotate his tires" if he could beat her, to which he responded with a most enthusiastic "Wooo-Hooo! Hasbro has been totally cool with IDW doing this.

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