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I made her some breakfast as I prodded her for clues if she remembered anything about the previous evening. When I first walked into the kitchen through the garage door I was met with what looked like a two person party. But when left the kitchen she took a pause at the door looked around in my direction and gave me a wink of the eye. This had gone too far we were swapping spit and tongues, incest, this was what I had lowered myself to. I finished pulling my shorts down over my thighs letting them gather at my ankles. Her face laid on my chest kissing it working her way up to my lips.

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I stood there watching as a globs of my cum spilled out of her in a slow decent towards he pooper.

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By this time she had either passed out or was soundly asleep. After all she was a full year younger than I. And I had a fantastic view of it. She sat on the edge of the bed looking at me closing her eyes for a few seconds constantly as I turned the lamp off. The decision was made for me as I rounded the corner there was Rob staggering his way home.

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