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Regardless of this, prisoners are tortured for up to four hours in this way. Prisoners consistently engage in hunger strikes in order to protest against the conditions of their imprisonment or the lack of legal basis for their detention. Almost every detainee in China has to, or has had to, suffer being beaten and kicked. It is known from the GULag system of concetration camps of the Soviet Union that there have been cases in which victims have been killed in this manner. The victim cools down very quickly and cannot sit or sleep. After a period of time, bleeding wounds develop. There they have been, and still are being, not only robbed of their freedom but also locked up together with people who really are mentally ill and occasionally violent.

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Infusion of boiling water Very hot or boiling water is fed into the victims's mouth or nose via a tube.

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Tube repeatedly inserted and pulled out The tube is removed and then inserted over and over again. Inserting sharp objects under the fingernails The insertion of sharp objects such as bamboo sticks, needles or nails under the fingernails is widespread. This method usually causes pain within a few minutes, particularly in the back foot and leg. With clubs and other heavy, blunt objects The blows are often carried out against especially sensitive body parts, including the head, genitals and joints. This method causes some of the worst injuries, which can sometimes be fatal. Injuries to the nose and ears Small shards or sticks are pushed into the nose or ears of the victim. Red pepper Red pepper is put into the eyes or nose of the victim.

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