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The way I worked up was multiple dildos of all different lengths and combinations. But the smaller bones just kinda disappeared over the past 15 years. Most important things first: rinse thoroughly. It affects both the maximum anal diameter and having room within your body to accommodate the volume. Weekly training would only come in to play for the extreme stuff, like fisting or worse :P.

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But the smaller bones just kinda disappeared over the past 15 years.

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Aylin. Age: 30.
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Warmed up the tip of cone and folded it backwards leaving a big pocket into which I put a 3x15 dildo. And then after getting accustomed to the size, being able to ride it and feel it bottom out at the top of the ribcage every stroke is a sensation impossible to describe. I have been focusing on deep and thick at the same time instead of max anal dilation. They break and split or shrink. The cone went in about 12 inches, and end of the dildo rested up against the inside of my ribcage or collarbone. Btw, I'm a lifelong trans girl who loves the deep penetration. After a good warm up I can get a dildo about inches more or less straight up so the tip is bulging immediately below my sternum.

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