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chicago backpages
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His logic is that the cops are out there so infrequently, only people buying regular sex are likely to get caught. He was just regular, a regular person. And a report published in the journal World Development found that as a general trend, countries with legalized prostitution tend to have more human trafficking. As soon as she makes a deal for sex, usually only a few seconds after the car pulls up, Officer Kate make a special gesture and moves away from the car. The bedspread smells like old cigarettes and the air conditioner is acting up. But Visa and Mastercard have not yet returned to the site, and Backpage did not respond to requests for comment. Across the country, cops are implementing a strategy that has long been debated in Europe: targeting the men who buy sex while trying to help the women who sell it.

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chicago backpages

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Sex Buyers: Why Cops Across the U.S. Target Men Who Buy Prostitutes

Advocates for sex worker rights argue that targeting buyers actually makes street workers less safe, since clients are jittery and the worker has less time to screen them. For a few seconds, all joking stops, and everyone is absolutely silent. The bedspread smells like old cigarettes and the air conditioner is acting up. In the room across the hall are female undercover officers dressed as sex workers. In some cases, especially in the United States, the line between trafficking and consensual sex work can get blurry. Some police and scholars say that focusing law enforcement attention on sex buyers reduces demand for prostitution, which strangles the sex industry and curbs human trafficking.

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