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Being Gatlocke, it's hard to know if he was being serious or not. Limited Wardrobe : Most of the characters. The one guy Providence captured who had been affected, though, was a remarkably good sport about it. On one hand, Providence Soldiers generally use what just about anyone will identify as some sort of machine gun, some of which have what looks like grenade launchers mounted underneath. Played straight and justified moreso now that Providence has become corrupt under Black Knight's leadership. Zerg Rush : The bugs in "The Swarm".

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Linda. Age: 24.
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Along the way, Rex is hunted by an evil scientist named Van Kleiss , who has his connections to The Event and is trying to capture and use Rex for his own means.

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Kailani. Age: 29.
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White Knight also points out that nanites are still floating around, though whether or not they can cause mutations isn't made clear. While escaping Van Kliess' stronghold, Rex comments that he expected Providence to send an army to rescue him rather than just Six. He and his parents unleashed the Nanites, causing millions of deaths, and changing the world forever, but they did so under duress, and under the threat of The consortium or Van Kleiss obtaining the meta-nanites Considering who they are, the world would be in worse shape. Hell, as of season 2, Van Kleiss! Wham Line : Cesar: "The day everything changed, we never imagined what would happen when we released the nanites. It seems she just lives a normal life away from Providence. Get Known if you don't have an account.

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