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In other words, the shift to farming almost certainly made childbirth a little bit more challenging. They lost their more ape-like features such as a relatively short body, long arms and small brain. The female pelvis has adapted to be just the right size to allow this maximally-nourished foetus to travel through safely. That makes the baby harder to deliver. In the last five years, Wells and several other researchers have begun to push against the classic story of the obstetric dilemma.

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And if we didn't, that in itself is interesting.

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The real reasons why childbirth is so painful and dangerous

Washburn's ideas made good intuitive sense for decades, until Dunsworth, Wells, Kurki and others began to pick them apart. It should be "stabilised" by natural selection. Human babies were forced out into the world earlier than they really should be, so that they were still relatively small, with diminutive, underdeveloped brains. In particular, human brains have an almost insatiable appetite for energy. Anyone who has held a newborn can appreciate how underdeveloped and vulnerable they are.

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