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A very clingy and jealous girl. Covering a lie with a mistake is the oldest trick in the book. Now, onto the proof that Aprileff is a liar. At this point in time, they had no relationship. April was present enough to remember that her roommates were in the kitchen and the lie she told them, and that she was too weak to go to the hospital. Even though, she thought the party was on March 1.

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Daniella. Age: 26.
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She likely had this detail in before she decided to say that she stopped talking to Toby 2 years ago.

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Amani. Age: 28.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Social media hashtags of the event. This moves towards the creepy side. Meaning, people in the background would easily miss out, if they blinked. Here April goes, again, pretending like they were ever in a sexual relationship. Who did April show a lot of attachment for? While she says she saw him this January not by choice in her excuses, she literally responded to him just four months ago following the date of my post.

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