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So what do you think of the top ten list? Her first appearance was quite normal looking, but over the years, she grew in ways no one thought possible. That makes her one inch taller than Robin, but gives her an extra 4. So while some characters with bigger breasts may be lower on the list, the ones that had the most impact on the viewer will be higher up. First up is Narusawa Ryoka from the anime Occultic;Nine , made by the same creator as Steins;Gate who apparently has a thing for semicolons in titles. At centimeters 5 feet 7.

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Macy. Age: 20.
anime girl breasts

Rangiku is a Soul Reaper who knows she has power over men, and she happily uses it to manipulate them to get what she wants.

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Lyra. Age: 27.
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The Bustiest Anime Girls of All Time

Whenever it comes to surveys about characters who should get their own series, to the most beautiful female characters, to even female characters that Japanese women want to date , she either takes the crown or is close enough to steal it. Yet another black hole just waiting to collapse in on itself. So what do you think of the top ten list? Do you feel they missed out on some important characters? Her exact numbers have fluctuated over time, but something around a height of centimeters 5 feet 7 inches and a bust of

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