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Do you work, work, work and go to school for a degree to make a change in the world? I took one yesterday and felt good all day, ate at normal times, 3 meals. I will forever be a warrior as long as my soul embodies flesh. I love her, everyday since I fixed her car tire. I hate anxiety and what its done to me and my family.

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Briley. Age: 23.
anal torture tumblr

I'll probably confined to a car this time around tho, I make it work either way.

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Marina. Age: 24.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It's bad how much I'm starting to lose faith in humans. I ended up pulling her off my dick and choking her until she passed out, rubbed my dick on her mouth and jerked it a little until I came all over her face as she came back awake. It's a choice a person makes consciously. Weak from wounds I would still die strong. I want them strong, filled with knowledge and protected by the evils of this planet for as long as possible. I meant to write sooner but I kept getting caught up in my own mind and life. Only an hour left of work before I get to go home and workout.

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