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I pressed harder and his head dropped down to the height of my waist. Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. I felt his body melt down onto mine, tightening around my legs and squeezing me as he was reduced to a hollow piece of clothing. He was still shrinking, though it had slowed. It felt like every ounce of my self was liquefied pleasure. He was now a foot shorter, at eye level with my chest. I only realised something was weird when my bodily awareness started to shift.

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Rowan. Age: 31.
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It felt so tight, and suddenly we were flying through the air, the cold wind adding a new layer of pleasure to our experience.

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Simone. Age: 23.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He picked me up and slowly slid me down his cock. I watched as he lean his head back in pleasure as he flex his cock slowly pulling me into his cock. I dropped into his musky ballsack feeling light and heavy all at the same time. I was training for a marathon that month, so every day I went out for a run and then to the gym. We told everyone he was going on sabbatical, which was kind of true, and then I cast the spell while fucking him one night.

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