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mimi rogers full frontal
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This movies plot is not a high point of the film. In this very contemporary scenario we witness the interaction of a woman art dealer and an unexpected replacement masseur. For me it was difficult to mesh the two elements. That's the only reason you'd watch this. An example one of many like it : at one point the two characters are literally cheek to cheek in physical proximity, with Fitch rubbing away, while they talk about a "bankruptcy of the spirit. Sometimes it's too plain, but it creates it's truly believable feeling. If the point and main interest of this movie was intended to be the philosophic conversation, then Mimi Roger's bare breasts were an unnecessary distraction.

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Not so much thought-provoking as it is believable if you've ever been addicted to massage.

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Mimi Rogers Goes Full Frontal

If that makes me sound like a sad pervert, so be it. It certainly has appeal with the gorgeous Mimi Rogers showing every inch of body off, but the story get very confused. I found this movie very strange. They talk about their past relationships and philosophies as flashbacks are shown. That's because this is an erotic movie, and that's all there is to it. If there is such a thing as cerebral sensuality, this film attempts to capture it. I could have watched it without stopping even if it had gone on for five hours.

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