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Karaoke-based game shows apparently enjoy some sort of niche popularity, since they seem to keep popping up whenever there's a midseason-replacement crisis or an empty "Aw, fuck it. Recommended For Your Pleasure. Were they holding time trials for a new, shamefully gratuitous Paralympics event? Welcome to 'diet-related decreased arterial blood flow for the fellatio. At some point the younger man's pants come off, and the passing of dominance from one generation to the next is complete. At least the winner got a Guinness World Record out of the deal and was hired to star in the creepiest milk commercial of all time. Japan is famous for its game shows that seem to be thinly disguised excuses for inflicting Geneva Conventions violation-level abuse on the contestants.

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Soon the event is under way, and our hero after taking a swig of mouthwash now has 40 minutes to perform his task to completion. Outside Paul Lynde's epic performances on Hollywood Squares and Anderson Cooper's appearances on Celebrity Jeopardy , there hasn't been much openly homosexual representation in the world of game shows. At least she'll surely be given a sizable bump in her starting bid once the next underground auction rolls around. For all those outraged over the rampant sexism on American television, you really haven't seen anything until you've watched women objectified to the point of turning them into disposable casino nickel buckets. At least this show puts on a pretense of decency, despite what appears to be its true, underlying theme: "Should your fellatio skills prove unsatisfactory, you will be punished by having to inhale a cockroach.

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