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kenichi the mightiest disciple girls
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During his final battle with Saiga, he committed suicide by immolating himself with a missile meant to kickstart the Eternal Sunset, as he knew that he stood no chance against Saiga in a straight fight. Kenichi trains himself to counter Naoki's techniques and wins a second match. A former professional wrestler who first appears when his men, while searching for Miu, attack Kenichi and Akisame. He is briefly believed dead after his boat is blown up by the missile defenses of the private island where the tournament occurs. Although Kenichi doesn't remember Tanaka, Miu does. Tanimoto acts the part of a kind and soft-spoken student except during fights.

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She is the master of the Kushinada style of jiu jutsu, which is claimed to be unique in that it uses no raw power, but rather focuses entirely on skill.

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Kenichi Shirahama

She is prone to rash decisions in money-making. Their objective, called Operation: The Eternal Sunset , appears the creation of a Third World War so their skills will not "rot away in these times of peace". Silvio's secret crush on Aisha is exposed by Niijima, and he subsequently succumbs to Niijima's taunts and is thrown out of the competition by Ukita. Freya fights with the Alliance during the D of D tournament. He appears to be able to understand people very well. It's shown afterward that he plays the coin machine until he's gotten a Yin-Yang badge of his own. Protagonist; currently in his second year of high school.

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