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We got to the old diner and he was acting sweetie than normal which was great. I have been seeing this guy for a long time and his name is Joey Graceffa. You asked for a quick bathroom break and immediately whipped out your phone once you got some privacy. You finally heard the announcement for your flight to begin boarding. Dating Colby Brock Would Include:. He had light brown hair and stellar green eyes. I felt that Joey would be the type to go to a book signing for his favorite author, and so this was born.

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Clara. Age: 28.
joey graceffa butt

I forgot I was loading Minecraft in the background while watching one of Joey Graceffa's Minecraft videos and the game music started playing and I was so confused because he doesn't usually have the music on in his videos and then I realized it was coming from my game that had loaded lmao.

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Maliah. Age: 20.
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You found your seat - a window seat!! With a sigh, you took yet another book from a fan and when you looked up to ask for the name, you were astonished to see a good-looking man with strong quiff game. Imagine Joey giving you relationship advice. Joey graceffa joey joey graceffa imagine the youtube crew shane dawson. Imagine collabing with Shane and Joey x. Once you were in the air, you pulled out your favourite book and began reading.

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