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Peter was blinded unable to blink as he was flashed again. His head spun as his ears pushed away from his skull. The green motorcycle stood there unmoving. Knowing he liked beer…I figured that was my way to him. His body ached and felt cold. Sorry about creating and never posting I just want to apologise for creating an account and never actually posting in the account lol.

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Paris. Age: 25.
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Peter was blinded unable to blink as he was flashed again.

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Ivy. Age: 24.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He covered his mouth in surprise, blinked, then tried to talk again. A long ratty tail emerged from over his ass, shaking from side to side. I stopped hearing him though once he ripped. He looked down at them in horror, wailing like the strange creature he was becoming. I had been a few different body types, but always had my eyes set on Chris Evans. He had been filming for the next movie and took a break at a local bar. Getting to him was an adventure in itself.

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