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I always liked Catwoman more than Wonder Woman, even if she is trouble, especially because she is trouble. One cannot develop an accent abroad and later use it in their homeland for a longer period of time than the time spent abroad. How one imparts knowledge must be clear and challenging to a student. Even when reading silently about a foreign country, one hears an accent. The male writer is outspoken because he can be—his audience is listening, and in a male writer box, the echoes are even more meaningful than the cries. Me too, and when I am trying to write, it taunts me, existing in the same space as the one in which I write, and choking my thoughts like a hangover.

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Possibly, they are frightened by it.

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This line of thinking is getting me nowhere and I feel I need to start over. I am not only speaking in a male voice, but in the voice of a male writer. Will you be burdened by your ordinariness? On my way to a class I took on Czech literature at Charles University in Prague, I climbed a hidden staircase that led to a hall- way full of empty cabinets squeezed abnormally close to one another. The desire for success is intertwined with the desire to overcome, to establish, to become a fully formed person—in short, to come out. Wall Street is sacred territory to be protected, not a corrupt symbol of a system to be occupied.

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