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My mother wrote these songs. So it was a personal mission to do that video. But what about the people who are really not feeling that great? Speaking to Apple by phone on the day before her 20th birthday, I found her intelligent, thoughtful, and above all, funny. When we were shooting, there were all these female extras who are paid to be pretty. It seems odd you chose a career that puts you out there in the public eye. I always assume most people are bullshitting me.

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Some of the material on Tidal Apple composed when she was 15 after having been raped by an intruder in her Manhattan apartment building.

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Fiona Apple nude

It corresponded with my meaning of the song. Returning to the main stage for the first time in five years, Apple, of the wide eyes and smoke-tinged vocals, kicked off her highly anticipated eight-day tour last Wednesday at South by Southwest. That would have been appropriate. So it was a personal mission to do that video. See, I never went to concerts when I was a kid, so I never knew if what I was doing onstage was right—and this was true of everything I did. But in many of your public appearances, you come off as unbelievably angry. What are you so upset about?

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