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A mid class level 3 angel who is a former teacher of Magician's School. In the end Goldie and Rally part on a truce, especially since Misty has more or less voluntarily joined Goldie as her lover. Mitsuka is attracted to boys and girls. Zoisite and Kunzite, both powerful generals who work under Queen Beryl from the Dark Kingdom are an openly gay couple in the 90s anime series. They are introduced in a episode. She met Mariya when she was in elementary school, and has been in love with her since then. Comedy Central Latin America.

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Ellison. Age: 29.
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Greg and Terry have a surrogate baby daughter, Liberty Belle.

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Kendra. Age: 20.
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Cartoon Characters You Never Realized Are Probably Gay

He instead heavily implies throughout the series that he has strong feelings for someone else that can never be returned and that he can never marry that person but marriage is not the only way to make the person they love happy. Retrieved January 22, She is so obsessed, she jealously attacks anyone else who attempts peek at Naeka before she does. Kashima, and is the main character in the series. She harbors an incestuous crush toward her older sister, Kaim, which causes her sister's hostility to her.

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