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The attorneys for the manager at Orchids of Asia Day Spa revealed in an emergency court hearing this week that hidden camera footage of two employees performing oral and manual sex acts on Robert Kraft had been leaked to the press. At the same time, the letter called out prosecutors for allegedly lying in court. By Chris Spargo For Dailymail. That did not matter in the end however because hours after announcing the attorney announced his intent to release the video, a circuit court judge ruled that no video of Kraft or any other man accused in the sting would be released until a hearing was held in the case. There has been a great deal of drama surrounding the release of the tapes in recent days after the lawyer prosecuting the case for the 15th judicial circuit announced that he intended to comply with requests to obtain the footage submitted by media outlets.

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Wang's lawyers argued that the leaked footage had to have come from someone inside the Jupiter Police Department or the State Attorney's office, and asked the judge to hold the two agencies in contempt of court.

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That page letter made multiple arguments for why Kraft's team did not believe the three tapes of their client should be released to the public. He then noted: 'Neither the State nor the Jupiter Police Department have any objection to any of the videos in the case being released. At the same time, the letter called out prosecutors for allegedly lying in court. Girl, 13, launches High Court fight to block council's advice that on school trips trans pupils should be Of the 14 men charged, he is the lone defendant with two counts against him as he visited the spa twice, including the morning of the AFC Championship in Kansas City. Millionaire internet pioneer devises solution to UK's homeless crisis In an apology released earlier this month he stated: 'In deference to the judicial process, I have remained silent these past several weeks.

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