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Some of the base elements of gothic style include: a dark storyline, ever-present death, resurrections, feelings of dread or terror, taboo romance, and medieval archetypes. Within anime, gothic is not as much a genre marker as it is an indicator of style. In Japanese mythology, an Akuma is a fire spirit - what we would call a demon. To use a currently trending comparison, Berserk is the Dark Souls of anime. You might have seen Fullmetal Alchemist and thought that Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood was just a remake.

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The Vatican, leaders of the human faction, employ many super-humans to aid them in their war against the vampires.

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Top 10 Goth Anime [Best Recommendations]

Guts is the only member to escape the sacrificial ritual and sets out on a quest of vengeance against the leader of the Band of the Hawk. If you can think of an entry we missed, tell us what it is - and what show should it push off? While in captivity, Ciel summons a demon named Sebastian and forms a contract with him. If you found out that vampires lived among us, you would be a little worried right? Trinity Blood employs a lot of tropes to achieve a style that seems accidentally gothic. The goth tag is unavoidable with the use of the church, gothic architecture, witches, vampires, vampire hunters, and the constant plague of death. The oppressive cloth of gothic character work.

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