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During the ride, she attacks guests with her claws and hisses at them, but is pulled backwards by Doctor Octopus , attempting to claim the guests for himself. The Scream symbiote was one of the five symbiotes that were forcefully spawned from the original Venom symbiote, and was their unofficial Californian leader. Scream led the others to New York City in search of Venom, hoping to help teach them how to control their symbiotes. Patricia struggles for control, but eventually the Scream symbiote forces Patricia to hunt other previous hosts. While unable to prevent her from murdering every other symbiotes' host, Venom was nevertheless able to beat her in combat yet again and Scream was taken in by the authorities. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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With the Scream symbiote incapacitated by a sonic device, Brock uses a super-heated knife to kill Donna.

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Eddie escaped, and soon after the "sibling" symbiotes were murdered, one by one. Patricia Robertson who had previously hosted a clone of Venom later ambushes but the Scream symbiote decides to bond to her, leaving Donna's bones behind. Upon her successful return to Earth, she disappeared, presumably to continue her search for the few remaining symbiotes. Retorting that he thought she would have remembered his immunity to fire after their last encounter, Carnage attempts to impale the new Scream like he'd done with Patricia, but she leaps over him. The ship transported her and others including Venom and Wolverine into another dimension where Scream gets nearly killed once again by the villainous mutants Dirtnap and Chimera. During "Absolute Carnage", the Scream symbiote still bonded to Donna's corpse after having absorbed Donna's consciousness is resurrected by Knull and goes to help Carnage harvest the codices of previous civilians who at some point had been bonded to symbiotes. Scream also possesses some degree of superhuman strength but the exact limits of which are unknown.

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