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They died in the same year, in So these essays were collected in a book with the title Writings in Time of War. God is at work within life. You see, he speaks about we are but an atom in the universe. But he always had this very deep spiritual vision of things. And Teilhard and he and others started articulating it in new ways.

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KING: You know, for me, the milieu in the French sense is the center, but we also use milieu in terms of the environment.

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Teilhard de Chardin's "Planetary Mind" and Our Spiritual Evolution

He wanted to be with the ordinary man. And he grew up, of course, in a mountainous region of France where there were extinct volcanoes. And I say find the component of the thing that excites you that also fits in this frame of smoothing our journey. Yes, that evolution proceeds toward spirit. So, you see, I think he has this dynamic awareness from his evolutionary approach, so one could call his spirituality also an evolutionary spirituality, as some people do. Home On Being with Krista Tippett. Things are kind of being unmade and remade.

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