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Wist: You see a smattering of people in the adult industry, or maybe this is any industry, but you have people who are the real deal and people who are eh, what are you doing here. I would be much more excited if anybody even just masturbated until their dick fell off much less cut off! Porn renders people speechless. We were inspired by each other. What a phone girl means is the girl who picks up the phone, who books the sessions for the other girls and who preps the equipment in the room and who keeps the time. Wist: What are you thinking of? Which is interesting, because for me rape is not a gender-based issue.

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Aiden Starr

So, why I think that any kind of porn rises, any kind of art rises, any kind of entertainment rises, at all in any medium, is culture. But then, when you put on your uniform, you tackle people. I honestly did not even think of that when I was thinking of these questions but that is perfect. Wist: What are you thinking of? I looked at that sentence a lot.

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