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Archived from the original on 19 June The writer Thomas Moffat recorded one physician's use of a wet nurse in a tome first published in An additional 71 percent answered in the affirmative when asked "Did you experience, while breastfeeding, pleasurable contractions in the uterine region" [3]. Lactation Mammary intercourse Breast fetishism Stimulation of nipples Rada fiqh , Islamic jurisprudence related to wetnursing, sometimes extended to adults Sexual fetishism. Primarily, the story tells of a conflict. Other specified paraphilic disorder Erotic target location error Courtship disorder Polymorphous perversity Sexual fetishism Human sexual activity Perversion Sexology. The I Tatti Renaissance Library.

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In a domestic staff agency in China named Xinxinyu was reported to be providing wet nurses for the sick and other adults as well as for newborns. He explicitly described erotic lactation as a source of great sexual pleasure for both partners, claiming that this is intended by nature especially on the part of the woman. Nipple and breast stimulation of women are a near-universal aspect of human sexuality , though nipples in males are not as sexualized. Unintended milk flow galactorrhea is often caused by nipple stimulation and it is possible to reach normal milk production exclusively by suckling on the breast. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This is called induced lactation , while a woman who has lactated before and restarts is said to relactate. Milk production is continually stimulated and the milk flow continues.

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