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Thank you so much Sean, now my boyfriend is obsessed with me being on top, we even start with me on top now, which has never happened before. If you want to lean forward, you can rest your hands on his chest or the bed. You can watch it by clicking here. I love pleasing him but I also love him in control wen it to sex. I noticed that when my man was thrusting while I was on top grinding on him at the same time, things usually got a little out of sync as we were both doing slightly different motions, which meant it was sometimes hard to find a rhythm and build towards orgasm.

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I love pleasing him but I also love him in control wen it to sex.

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I thought I was the only one with this problem. Once I got comfortable in this position, I started trying out more positions. The first position I learned was lying on top of him. I love my Fiancee deeply penetrating me to the point it hurts. The easiest problem for me to fix was performance pressure, the feeling that he might be judging me when I was on top.

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