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Author's Note: So, that's chapter one TK noticed that Matt had stopped crying. TK hung up the phone and looked at Kari. After a minute or so, he began to cry. TK managed to eat his dinner without too much trouble. I do, however, own the chapter guide from this chapter and onward. Well, this'd be my first posted fic of '09, so yay me!

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Anyway, the site that I mentioned in here - BabyCenter - is a real website and one I visit at least once a week.

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Ask or tell a grown man who's about to play Pokemon Colosseum and XD anything

Tai's crying had thankfully died down to whimpering, but there was still a steady stream of tears running down his cheeks. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. She eyed the digimon gathering around the boxes, Agumon and Veemon especially. She sat in the desk chair and started up the computer while he sat on the edge of the bed right behind her. As patient and understanding about their destiny as he was, there was no way TK could expect his father to not freak out about Matt being turned into a baby. Kari was just moving to the other side of the table to start on Sora when TK walked in carrying Matt.

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