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Leave troubling the Lord God. Are you fasting or fed, young fellow? I just riz the loy and let fall the edge of it on the ridge of his skull, and he went down at my feet like an empty sack, and never let a grunt or groan from him at all. And the mountain girls hooshing him on! Fit them on and you can give your answer when you have them tried. Comes back again into the room.

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Come here to me she puts him on bench beside her while the girls make tea and get his breakfast and let you tell us your story before Pegeen will come, in place of grinning your ears off like the moon of May.

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Bustles about, then takes off her apron and pins it up in the window as a blind. In the modern literature of towns, however, richness is found only in sonnets, or prose poems, or in one or two elaborate books that are far away from the profound and common interests of life. Tug-of-warring on the green below! The Widow Quin seen him this day, and you likely knew! A certain number of the phrases I employ I have heard also from herds and fishermen along the coast from Kerry to Mayo, or from beggar-women and ballad-singers nearer Dublin; and I am glad to acknowledge how much I owe to the folk imagination of these fine people.

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