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husband in pantyhose
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As with panties, if your husband is wearing tights, he should take care to avoid their waistband showing over the top of his trousers. Tights intended for everyday wear are cheap and readily available from all manner of shops from supermarkets to pharmacists, although you can go more upmarket or order them online if you prefer. However arousing his half may be, there's much more to them. Such a deadly stereotype is ideally suited to making your husband feel vulnerable and submissive - the higher and narrower the heels are, the more imposing they'll be for him to wear. Nevertheless, the wider spacing of their mesh offers a unique tactile sensation, quite distinct from regular hosiery or even fishnets, thanks to their elastic pressure being concentrated onto a few individual strands rather than a more diffuse embrace. Needless to say, showing off his calves by sitting with his legs crossed, a position all too common among more assertive males, is out of the question for the man who wears hosiery - a subtle, yet effective means of imposing a submissive mindset by shaping his body language. Indeed, though he may not realise it at the time, his submission extends long after his hair has disappeared - it will take several weeks for it to grow back fully, even if he doesn't shave it again.

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Moreover, dirty pantyhose and stockings should be kept separate from anything else in the laundry basket that might snag them - the hooks of bras and suspender belts being just as damaging here as when jumbled together in a lingerie drawer.

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Chapter 9: Hosiery and Heels

Sadly, the decline in popularity of traditional stockings means that even the prettiest of bras and panties now rarely come with a suspender belt to match, but in the absence of a properly coordinated choice, a generic black or white garter belt won't look too out of place. In the bedroom, you may find it mutually enjoyable to help your husband into such attire, fussing with his stocking tops as he stands there helplessly, or you may simply expect him to don them himself. A hairless husband is really just the icing on the cake rather than the main course - like everything else we discuss, entirely optional! The rough, clumsy fingers of a man who is not used to handling such delicate attire can only exacerbate this problem, leading to undesirable tension should he put his nails through yet another pair of new stockings - whether yours or his! The combination of hirsute legs that are taller and yet narrower than those of a woman can make hold-up stockings particularly problematic for some men, yet others find they can wear them without any undue trouble.

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