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Follow these guidelines or ready yourself for the wrath of some stern and very nude Germans. Find the locker room to stash your stuff and rinse off in the showers. They may have benches or lounge chairs with the source of heat either dry or steam emanating from the center of the room. There will be sweat, but there is no reason to sit in someone's puddle. For an additional fee you can purchase a massage or treatments like facials , manicures and pedicures. That is one way to truly learn the German word " Schwanze ".

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Larger spas have several kinds of saunas so you can build up to the hottest temps in different soothing saunas with cool down periods in-between.

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What to Expect at a German Sauna

Sauna usually refers to the wood or tile rooms where people sit and sweat it out. They are periodically added at specific times listed on the schedule and experienced sauna-goers make sure to catch their favorite. Germans find nothing alarming about nudity itself, or going nude with friends, co-workers or even mother-in-laws. Erin Porter is a freelance writer who has been covering Germany since she moved to Berlin in The cooling off sessions between saunas is a vital part of the experience. And - because this is Germany - there are rules. Enjoy this necessary cultural adventure with the rules on what to expect at a German sauna.

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