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MTV News chatted with stars Butterfield and Gatwa about Season 2 streaming now , how Otis and Eric are navigating their new relationships, and the sex scene myths the show wisely debunks. Gatwa: And the writing as well, like when we got the scripts He represents a lot of different intersections and a lot of different marginalized people — seeing how he's so resilient and bounces back from the trials and tribulations that he's faced with. I feel like that's a crossover question. And I feel like he represented strength in a way that hasn't been shown before, like strength in his masculinity, in a way that hasn't been seen before.

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the beach sex scene

He tries to open up to his dad, but he doesn't necessarily give the best advice.

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Tilda Swinton - The Beach (2000)

Gatwa: Things I found funny when sex has been depicted before, is just, why do you look so perfect all the time? All the character's storylines have been deepened so much, and we learned so much about all of them. Gatwa: He's dealing with a lot with his sense of identity and masculinity. Just do what's best for you. We also see quite a few people enter Moordale as well, including a young Frenchman by the name of Rahim. In the UK, our colleges are always quite kind of depressing and colorless

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