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Also, I will note - I had horrible problems using Gmail Video. Also, my father used Skype with his built in webcam with no problems last summer. You do seem unnecessarily harsh on your Grandma, though. It worked great, but was a pain to set up. The partner and I are going to purchase the webcam, go to her house, set it up, and laminate some very detailed instructions for her on how to use it.

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I assume you've already set her up with a PC.

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But, in the end, nothing is going to be totally grandma-proof. When we go back this December, we're buying them a USB hub so they never have to uplug and replug devices for the additional port. We always call first and then I initiate the chat. I would advise installing Logmein on her machine first thing so you can take over whenever you need to. I assume you've already set her up with a PC.

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