Crimson girls episode 3

crimson girls episode 3
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Still, is it worth destroying a girl's reputation for your own selfish desires? If the episode was taken seriously, the scumbag's plan will fail and he will loose. Either episode 3 will the end which would be terrible or they will add episode 4 in future. Saki will use that against him, she will milk the bastard dry , break his mind with her overwhelming presence and make HIM her bitch. Heh, I had better trollers troll me.

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crimson girls episode 3

I would not be surprised if she is a dominatrix woman.

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Crimson Girls: Chikan Shihai Episode 3 Discussion

NamelessDreamer said: I wouldn't have minded if the animation didn't look like it came from one of his flash games. Given to her personality, she would win Because if they make a story based on Saki's personality, a real episode with her as the victim. Crimson Girls: Chikan Shihai E That is very out of topic because I, in no place was my point. Heh, I had better trollers troll me. In that way you have room for the President and also you can squeeze a 15 min.

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