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fma nina episode
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In present time, Lujon embraces Lust in the village before saving his people, exclaiming how he won't let her leave him this time. They are unable to cause harm to him, however, as he utilizes his Ultimate Shield whenever attacked. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He then uses them to purchase the mine from Yoki under the guise of a priceless transfer before returning the bars to stone and selling the entire town to the people of Youswell for a single night stay at the newly repaired inn. Mustang informs Ed about Marcoh after halting the match. Al has run away after not receiving an answer from Ed.

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fma nina episode

After some more investigation, the brothers discover that Majhal has been attempting to revive Karin by using mannequins that look like her, and using alchemy to attach the souls of the village girls he has kidnapped to the mannequins, kidnapping Clause to use her soul.

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Before he has time to react, Lyra uses alchemy to forcibly eject the Philosopher's Stone fragments that Greed has consumed in his life. Cornello then realizes why Ed is nicknamed the "Fullmetal Alchemist", understanding that the brothers had committed the ultimate sin of human transmutation. Just as Scar prepares to finish off Ed, Marcoh throws his red stone at Scar, causing him to painfully absorb the stone into his tattooed arm. Kimblee , the "Crimson Alchemist", and several other prisoners are led by a fake Grand to be ingredients for the philosopher's stone. Horrified by the key ingredient in making the philosopher's stone, the Elrics nearly give up their quest. Master Sergeant Kain Fuery picks up a dog and tries to get someone to adopt it but fails.

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