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Adult Mom did not respond to multiple interview requests for this story. According to him, ownership of masters helped offset the financial risk of signing relatively unknown artists. Through its first half-decade, Daley describes Tiny Engines as a "DIY hobby label," working off "handshakes, punk rock-types of deals. The Biz premium subscriber content has moved to Billboard. Tiny Engines typically handles PR in-house and covers additional marketing expenses such as digital advertising. Adams expressed support for Adult Mom's cause and believes Knipe's testimony helped his fortunes and those of his Tiny Engines peers. Whether Tiny Engines can reverse course remains to be seen, though it has a long road ahead in mending its reputation.

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Asked if he currently has any forthcoming releases planned, Daley says, "It feels like a good time to review Tiny Engines in a different light and figure out what the future might look like for the label

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The Biz premium subscriber content has moved to Billboard. Never pay the successful band for as long as humanly possible. Daley founded Tiny Engines in alongside Will Miller , who remains its only other full-time employee. For now, Daley says he is focused on ensuring all Tiny Engines artists are issued payment statements on time, working with the royalty consultant firm Infinite Aggregate. Label owner Calvin Johnson , himself a veteran of several seminal indie bands, confessed he did not have the money to repay his artists and proceeded to sell off assets, including the label headquarters, in an effort to make ends meet.

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