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The story's theme of peaceful contact between differing cultures was also very well received. The story shifts to Twilight Sparkle and Spike at the library, preparing a get well message for Princess Celestia , who is ill. Rainbow Dash arrives and requests a book on planes, which Twilight provides. She assures the frightened mare that what she saw was probably nothing out of the ordinary, and promises the hang out with her later. That night, Applejack is awoken from her sleep early in the morning by Apple Bloom , who says that she saw something strange outside her window.

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Many who read the story found the use of non-human aliens to be the story's standout feature.

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Aliens in Equestria

The aliens call themselves the Altarians, officers of their species' spaceborne military force on a mission of exploration. Aliens in Equestria is a science fiction novella written by knightcommander. Twilight's search reveals physical evidence of strange beings that appear to be coming from the Everfree Forest. She finds nothing out of the ordinary at first, but soon hears a mysterious noise coming from the direction of the Everfree Forest. Scootaloo, in a flashback, recounts how she fell into a ravine and was injured while fleeing, only to be rescued and healed by the creatures using their technology. Information from Knightcommander's FIMFiction blog reveals that the third sequel will have a military theme, involving an Altarian terrorist and a cooperative effort between Equestria and Altarian military special forces to capture the terrorist. The creature, unlike with Applejack, approaches the cottage and knocks on the door, further frightening the pegasus.

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