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couple in bed tumblr
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The distant and sharp sound of cabinets and dishes against the dark old house reminded me that this was really it. I smiled at the thought that the beautiful perfection that was outside the window mimicked my adoration of you. How heavy my body felt as I finally climbed out of bed and put on the now wrinkled clothes from the night before and reached for my phone to call a cab. I remember the feeling that stirred in me as I woke to you wrapping your arm around me and running your fingers across my chest. Your voice was soft and happy.

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Brylee. Age: 32.
couple in bed tumblr

Clenching your eyes closed, you grinned and playfully tightened your grip around me bracing yourself for the inevitable.

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Aliya. Age: 27.
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I was half dozing when you lifted your head to kiss my unshaven neck and slowly climbed out of bed and slipped on your robe. The idea of my pettiness disgusted me, after all… it was me, not him. Settling back in my seat I let my thoughts drift back to that cold morning in Colorado. You were so perfect and peaceful just like the snow, and how your glistening brilliance radiated in sun so freely. And whether you knew it or not, it was me that needed you, not the other way around. No need to rehash it, it had all been so much. Want to see more posts tagged couples in bed?

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