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pranks gone wild
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They need to be humorous, convey an anti-authoritarian message and involve a poetic image. But how much compassion can someone expect from jokesters? The elements of a good prank, Scott says, involve humor, creativity and surprise. As cameras televised the halftime show across the nation, the cheerleaders began to signal the audience. Variants of this prank have been accomplished since , but it was the Rose Bowl hoax that set the stage for all elaborate college pranks to come. Blumenfeld says he has seen this prank range from waking someone with a megaphone to filling an entire room with loud disco music, strobe lights and erratic dancers. When the cheerleaders gave the signal, the fans were supposed to flip their cards according to the instruction sheets.

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In second place is the dorm door obstruction prank, which involves blocking someone's door with anything from liquid-filled cups to phone books.

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Senior Prank Gone Wild: Police Arrest 62 N.J. Students

Fourteen students from the Pasadena technical college had managed to infiltrate the Washington cheerleaders' hotel room and replace all the instruction cards the night before the game. John Frydman, a Lawrence criminal attorney, says police usually know when something is intended to be a prank. At halftime, Washington's cheerleaders prepared to lead Washington fans through a huge flip-card show that would produce giant images. Prank etiquette dictates that nobody sustains physical harm or injury, Blumenfeld says. They'll understand the fine line," he says. Vale, author of the book Pranks, agrees - to some extent. Each fan had been given a large card and a personalized instruction sheet.

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