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I grew up in a very accepting household. Growing up in small-town Texas, when did you get your first taste of gay culture? Laughs I can go dark real quick! What was your very first time at a gay bar like? And they were gay and straight and lesbian — everybody was there.

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Elaina. Age: 27.
lesbian groupies

What was your very first time at a gay bar like?

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Kassandra. Age: 27.
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The Groupie Finally Gets Her Girl (Lesbian)

It was just a sad moment for me, reflecting. Honestly, I grew up in such a creative environment. When you look out at pop culture currently, where do you stand concerning its use of sex? Laughs It made me insecure, and not so much in regard to my music or as a singer or an artist — just me as a person. At my church, whenever I did attend Sunday service, that was never talked about. It was a cool event, and it was fun.

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