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pam and tommy sex tape
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Fasanella lived two blocks away, so if they could make it out a side door, they were safe. This is the story of a man who staked his livelihood on a video in the hopes that it would save him. Here was a guy who, on his 18th birthday, lost his virginity to a Vegas hooker. However, because Anderson and Lee shot it themselves, the couple did still retain copyright over the tape — a legality understood by all of the adult film producers whom Ingley had approached — so Penthouse held off on printing stills or selling the tape, even after winning the case. Ingley approached a handful of other companies, but no one wanted to take on the risk.

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pam and tommy sex tape

Lee and Anderson were under the false impression that they could give Warshavsky permission to show the tape over the web without allowing them to sell it in stores, and by all accounts the couple underestimated the reach of the Internet.

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Pam and Tommy: The Untold Story of the World’s Most Infamous Sex Tape

She had no sex-positive bloggers or pro-plastic-surgery tweeters around to defend her. And yet pretty much everyone in the adult and Internet industries despised Warshavsky, as he was a sniveling huckster who wrote bad checks and owed lots of people money. George says, explaining that after he brought the tape to Seattle his marriage started to dissolve. We all know that the fun-house-mirror narrative of whatever gets recorded could end up defining us on the front page or in a government database, but the web is no longer the Wild West that it once was. But they did, on November 25th, First, after making a few copies, they destroyed the original Hi8 cassette, melting the casing and cutting the tape itself into hundreds of little pieces, which they dispersed in a desolate area near Six Flags Magic Mountain. So one night, Gauthier says, Peraino had him over for dinner.

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