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The Kyuubi snarled slightly, enjoying the sheer fear coming from it's unexpected guest inside it's jailor's mind. She then saw the seal that was there and could not help but feel a measure of sympathy go to her senses. Naruto gasped out loudly as he could easily guess just what Ino was doing to him right now and the sight of Ino licking and sucking his balls with a deep blush on her beautiful face was really good. That did not mean that she was going to stop being wary and watchful, but it did mean that she began to relax slightly and become more open to Naruto, and she felt that it would be best that when they were able to be alone, she would talk to Naruto and inform him of what she knew of his secret. Unaware that she was about to stumble on a secret that she should not have concerning the history of Konoha, and why was it that Naruto was always seen as the outcast and trouble maker in the. Naruto was soon picking up the pace of his actions on Ino's sex and the pleasure for them continued to grow by the second. As for Naruto himself, he enjoyed the kiss and relished the feeling of his cock being this deep in Ino's sex, it amazed him that they were even able to go this far as well.

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naruto ino sex

He did not waste a single moment as he licked her inner sheath and outer walls slowly to make sure that he was going to make her very happy.

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She moved away from the bird and quickly called to Naruto as they moved to light the signal fires. Temujin was willing to do what he could to get answers but it was Ino who decided to take the risk and delve into the man's memories, it was risky as she had no idea how she would do, but she took it. Ino could tell that Naruto was not kidding or teasing her at all and that was something that she enjoyed immensely. Her skin was still cream white and showed no scars there and certainly looked very appealing to the eyes in his case. She hoped to have him under her spell and kissing a specially controlled Kage Bunshin of himself that was disguised as Sai that she had made just for the sake of seeing how he might react when he woke up smooching with the Kage Bunshin. She was really feeling the weight of being on this island for a very long time now and it was not something that one could just easily accept.

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