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jennifer lopez feet pics
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I strongly believe that you can admire beautiful feet for their aesthetic nature, just like you do a beautiful face or beautiful hands. Unlike an insatiable desire to inseminate yourself with alien eggs or fuck your dog , loving feet is not inherently dangerous. Uploading such content will get you banned! Eliza Dushku has an overall rating of five stars on wikiFeet. Caitie agrees that the trolling has not disappeared in the wake of the new moderation system; even now, certain wikiFeet users make her "want to leave the Internet entirely. Many users, and Ozer himself, say they aren't really "foot fetishists"—they just like feet. One thing is clear from the beginning: Photos are not supposed to be sexual.

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Emory. Age: 23.
jennifer lopez feet pics

Posts may get reported for a number of reasons; these include, in Ozer's words, "duplicate pictures, pictures uploaded to the wrong gallery, poor quality, pics that don't show feet, pictures of underage celebs, copyrighted pictures, and adult content.

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Nathalia. Age: 27.
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Jennifer Lopez (I)

In , Ozer developed a reporting system, based on specific guidelines, that allows any registered member to report a picture or vote for it to be removed. When the teen stopped publishing, he went looking for another outlet; he soon found wikiFeet, where he's been a registered user since September , a witness to all the "foul" and "disgusting" trolling along the way. Despite the proliferation of listicles of history's many famous foot lovers and advice columns beginning " So your boyfriend has a foot fetish Really there for about six or eight months he wasn't answering emails or anything; I don't know if he had something personal going on in his life or if he just got tired of all the crap. Arguments and factions break out over issues like the Emma Stone photo. Guild Knights have the most power of any member of the community; they can flag certain users, alerting other Guild members that their posts may deserve closer attention.

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