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To make sure that they do find someplace at another time, she asks when she can see Mater again, to which he replies that he will be at the World Grand Prix race in Tokyo the next day. Ramone prepares to get his tools to fix the dent, but Holley decides to keep it, stating it to be as valuable as Mater's. Siddeley then arrives, ready for Finn and Holley to leave, as they have another mission. With the lemons soon arrested, everyone tries to figure out how to disarm the bomb. Holley is a highly motivated agent, but is fresh out of the academy, so her experience is based on lessons learned in school rather than real-life situations. Already knowing that Mater is not a spy, they mention that it was still great to meet him.

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cars holley shiftwell

Hearing what Mater is saying, Alexander is thinking that he is acting weird, to which Mater starts to talk to Alex while learning his nicknames by using an invisible heads-up display on his eyes.

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Holley Shiftwell

Already knowing that Mater is not a spy, they mention that it was still great to meet him. As they insult him, Mater notices that his gatling guns have slightly cut through the ropes he is tied in. Holley then replies to get into Siddeley, but Mater asks her if she wants a date with him, leaving her shocked and confused as he talks. To activate the disguise, Mater has to make voice commands through a device put on his beacon light. Holley comes across Mater, and tries to make sure she is talking to a spy by saying the phrase of a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia having no radiator. She is reluctant at first to go into it due to being opposite gender, but agrees to Finn telling her that she cannot spend too much time stalling. Finn and Holley soon arrive in Radiator Springs to greet Mater, also convincing Van on Mater telling him, Minny and the townsfolk about his big adventure.

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