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The gameplay is fast and skill-based. Maybe something feels a little bit off, but nothing too egregious. I'd say the eyes are more in the "I love blowing things up" territory than unsettling or menacing, so I'd be hesitant to put that in the racist bucket. I mean its great to not have only stick figure women in games, but it seems like the reason for it is less providing a greater amount of diversity and more mean-spirited humor from my perspective at least. I hesitate to even post this since the gaming community as much as you can define a thing like that seems to shy away from discussing race to an even greater degree than issues of gender

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loadout helga

Well that sure needed a NSFW tag in the title.

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Except for one: the character models. It's just that I'm unsure if the joke is at the expense of the player who is made uncomfortable which I'm fine with or overweight women which I would not be. Basically to see if I'm being troubled by the game because I'm troubled by everything or if there's some legitimately messed up things going on. Maybe something feels a little bit off, but nothing too egregious. The free-to-play model is not too bad either, making only boosts and cosmetics purchasable with real money. It dawned on me after playing a few rounds of the game that T-Bone's character design, whether consciously or not, feels uncomfortably similar to the racist caricatures coming out of minstrel shows.

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