Chicago girls tumblr

chicago girls tumblr
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The iconic Chicago venue has been celebrating its birthday all year and has a Tumblr archive of found materials, ticket stubs, footage, stories from staffers and more that will surely send you down a Tumblr black hole. Missed High Five Because you're not the only moron who has missed a high five. Who doesn't know a mutt who deserves to be chastised on the Internet for pooping in the dishwasher? To avoid Jay Cutler declaring war on RedEye again, we should mention that this is a parody Tumblr, with Photoshopped images of Jay Cutler with a cigarette in his mouth. Lonely Nerds in Fedoras Self-explanatory. Posts on the Tumblr replace titles on cover images with more straight-forward ones. Stop wearing fedoras, nerd.

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Buzzfeed wins VIP, here, for their dramatic photo posts. Chicago Memes A lot of the posts created with quick memes--success kid, bad luck Brian, drunk baby--fall pretty flat, but every once in a while this Tumblr lands a good one. You've seen them everywhere--they're hand-painted advertisements on sides of buildings that have been preserved but are significantly faded. If you want to maintain your limited faith in humanity, it's probably best to look away from this one. Text From Dog Bad dog, most of the time.

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